Schools With New Rules...NO YOGA PANTS!

It’s the year 2013 and we live in an era where ‘rape culture’ is growing rampant in one of the most unsuspecting places….. Our public schools.  They have fallen prey to the idea that the dress of a female can directly cause a male to react....and this  now  validates the myth that
 “She was dressed very suggestive, so she deserved it"

It’s only natural that females of all ages (especially tweens and teens) attempt to develop their own personality by creating a ‘look’ or style of dress to attend school.  Sometimes it’s considered ‘outrageous’ and sometimes it’s considered ‘to risqué’….but inevitably, It constructs for them a feeling of independence and gives them some sense of ‘control’.  Parental rules, school rules and society rules have always strived to put some amount of ‘restriction’ on what is considered ‘acceptable’ and what is not. Private schools take this out of the equation (at least during school hours) by making one style of dress mandatory on a daily basis for every student and that’s what you sign up for when you attend their institution.

Recently our public school district decided to implement a “No yoga pants” policy in an attempt to make the girls dress in a more ‘modest’ fashion.  Now, I ask the question…..Does this type of rule generate the thought that ‘how a female looks(or dresses)” puts that female in danger of uninvited attention or male advances? If yoga pants are deemed ‘distracting’ or even overly provocative what does this say about our society?  Unfortunately I feel this type of rule directly plays into our already booming ‘rape culture’….perpetuating the idea that how a female is clothed can directly impact her chances of being sexually assaulted or even raped.  How can we call ourselves civilized if we can’t even wear ‘tight pants’ without worry that it’s exposing ‘too much’ of our human anatomy?  Are we truly that barbaric that we are raising children (or young men) who are so easily distracted that they can’t make it through a supervised school day without being ‘thrown off’ by a pair of black form fitting yoga pants on a girl who might have an attractive body?  If so, we have failed! We have failed as parents, we have failed as educators and we have failed as a society.  There were hot pants in the 70’s, spandex leggin’s in the 80’s, Stir-up pants in the 90’s and today there are exercise/yoga pants…..WAKE UP PEOPLE!  This is not rocket science.  The more restrictions we put on our society, children and young adults the more backlash and undercurrent of deviant behavior there will be. Period.  Banning yoga pants IS NOT THE ANSWER.  If we are that overly sensitive to the female anatomy then we need CHANGE.  We need the ability  for kids to at least be able to wear exercise pants without being sent home.  I am outraged that during a time when sexual assault statistics continue to be at an all time high that we continue to believe that more clothing means less risk. 

We need to teach our children about self respect and self discipline. We need to teach them that the human body is something to appreciate but not take for granted.  It boggles my mind the power that the human body has over peoples minds….Will hiding the human form really help things? The idea that exposing the shape of a person's body is an abnormal behavior seems abnormal in and of itself….because seriously the Europeans laugh at us…Seeing a pair of naked breasts doesn’t cause the psychological orgasm that it does in Americans….why? Because they have created an environment where it’s common to see human anatomy and not restrict their children from viewing it.  More rules will NOT mean less behavior issues in our schools. More rules means more time, manpower and inevitably more money being wasted on STUPID little crap instead of looking at the real problem which is the psychology behind the issue……they need to respect themselves and each other to develop into functional productive members of our society.  Instead of more rules, schools should be holding programs about sexual assaults, rape, self defens/awareness and female empowerment……Do they have any of this? NO…..but don’t worry, they are teaching dodgeball and badminton.  When are schools going to start taking on some of the blame for supporting the ‘rape culture’ which puts the responsibility on females for provoking attacks or unwanted attention with their choice of clothing?  Bottom line is....

Lets truly educate our boys and girls to understand what ‘respect’ is and not just continue to add to the ever growing dress code issues.

I teach females about self preservation…

I teach males about mutual respect

I teach females about self awareness

I teach males about self empowerment

I teach females that nothing they wear or DON’T wear constitutes conscent


I teach females about self defense so they can be empowered with knowledge NOT RULES!

Life on the mats is no different....The fact that I roll around and fight with other men does NOT mean I have any other motive than to train and become a better fighter.  Participation in a male dominated sport does not constitute consent to be treated as anything but a female jiu-jitsu practitioner....

"If you think a female deserves sexual contact that she has not consented to because of the way she is dressed, then you are a rapist and predator"


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